Lipstick Color and Your Personality

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If you're trying to figure out someone’s personality, chances are you can read her lips! Your favorite go-to lipstick can say a lot about you and predict your personality characteristics. Lipstick shades which we find ourselves most comfortable with speaks volume. The color that you reach for the most from your lipstick collection can represent your traits and how you feel about yourself.  
Check out shade traits to find out what your go-to lipstick says about your personality!

Classic Reds:
Red lipstick screams confidence, happiness since it’s an exciting and energizing color. The color also symbolizes love. It is a hot and passionate color showing a very energetic and self-assured person.

Deep reds, plums and purples express a confident personality. Women who are comfortable with wearing deep, sultry plums can express an adventurous lifestyle.

Hot Pinks:
Bright lips express a romantic and creative nature. Those who prefer hot pinks love to be carefree and easy-going.

Bright organs express a fun loving nature while the high-energy color can stimulate the mind and mood. The bold and daring shade are for those who aren’t afraid to try something new and exciting.

Nudes and Browns:
You want to blend in and feel comfortable with the environment. Quiet, friendly, and responsible with work and devoted to meeting deadlines. Those who prefer neutral colors reflects trustworthiness.
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