Foundation and your Skin Type

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Evaluating your skin type is essential when selecting the right foundation. Figuring out which category your skin type falls under will help you select the ideal foundation that is suitable for your skin to achieve a flawless complexion.

Skin alters in texture throughout seasons. With the weather changing our skin is more prone to flaking and dry patches. Keep in mind for the colder season your skin requires more hydration since the dry weather produces less natural oil, applying moisturizer before any foundation will help distribute the product evenly onto the skin. For more information and tips on foundation for Fall/Winter season read our previous post

                Three basic skin types:

                                • Normal/Combination
                                • Oily
                                • Dry
To determine your skin type, use a simple test with a clean tissue in the morning right after you wake up since your skin is in its natural state. Blot the tissue on key areas of your face such as the nose and forehead.

                Normal/Combination Skin Type
                                • Smooth texture with light oil build up around nose
                                • Tissue Test: Small traces of oil around nose and forehead
                Oily Skin Type
                                • Shiny/greasy with enlarged pores around the nose. Skin prone t0 acne spots.
                                • Tissue Test: Large spots of oil on nose, chin and forehead.
                Dry Skin Type
                                • Tight skin texture and prone to dry patches.
                                • Tissue Test: Flaky, itchy and tight skin.

Foundation for your skin type:

Skin Type

Oily Skin
Combination/ Normal
High Coverage

Matt HD Stick
Invincible Powder
Matt Perfection
(2 Layers)
Invincible Powder
Matt HD Stick


Matt Perfection

Low Coverage

Matt Perfection
Invincible Powder

Matt Perfection

Invincible Powder

Pro Luminous

The Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation, with added UVA and UVB protection provides long wearing coverage against harmful sunrays. The built in benefit of SPF 15, provides effective protection from sun damage and photo-aging and its unique non-sticky formula is great for just about any skin tone. With the Pro Luminous Foundation, achieve a flawless look with multipurpose benefits all in one bottle.

Matt perfection foundation coats the skin with an invisible film of color that perfectly minimizes all imperfections assuring an incredible natural flawless finish. It contains specific active ingredients with repairing and moisturizing action and the formulation is preservative free.

Invincible Compact:
An infallible waterproof powder with the plus of being water - repellent, humidity resistant, perfect under the sun and during physical activity. The delicate and velvety formulation takes care of the skin guaranteeing an exceptional anti - aging and anti - oxidant action.

Extremely easy to apply, characterized by a dry touch and a matt finish. Its high coverage assures a perfect minimization of the skin imperfections and its soft formulation takes care of the skin assuring a decongestant and anti - oxidant action. Particular active principles like chestnut extract and vitamin e works together to protect the skin.