Graphique Liquid Liner- Tips and Tricks

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For an ultra-precise eyeliner application, the Color Studio Professional Graphique 100% waterproof Eye liner comes with a brush tip applicator ideal for a defined eyeliner. The quick drying formula is ideal for a long wearing, smudge-resistant, waterproof eyeliner look. The precision applicator works perfectly to create a sharp cat-eyeliner for a clean and edgy look. 

A classic eyeliner can easily accentuate your eye shape, whether you have small hooded lids or large set eyes. Eyeliner can work wonders on your eye shape. With different types of liners to choose from, a brush tip liquid liner can create a crisp and defined eyeliner.

Applying liquid liner can be tricky if you’ve never used it. Since a brush tip applicator requires a steady hand, it’s a good idea to test it a few times before you head out the door. Practicing in front of a well-lit mirror will help you create a sharp, crisp line. The easiest way to apply a straight line is by creating short flicks and then gradually connecting the lines.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To keep your hand steady, rest your thumb on your cheekbone while your elbow is positioned on a flat surface.
  • For smaller eyes, allow the liquid liner to dry for a few seconds before opening your eyes. 
  • Use a lighted magnifying mirror for an ultra-precise eyeliner application. Look straight ahead keeping your eyes open naturally will accurately make both eyes similar.
  • For a cat eyeliner look, start by applying a thin line close to your upper lashes making sure to stop right before the outer corner of your eyes. Gradually make an outer flick diagonally.
  • To clean off any mistakes take a cotton bud and smooth out the outer edges.
  • Your eyeliner should not exceed past the end of your eyebrow

Graphique Eye Liner by Color Studio Professional is available in 2 shades. 
  • Jet Black is an intense rich matte black shade
  • Black Pearl is a shimmery black shade with tiny glitter specks. 

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