Haute Nail Polish Collection-- Swatches

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The new range of Haute Color Polish from Color Studio Professional come in a huge variety of vibrant and funky shades. If you are looking for a range of shades with silvers to pale blues then you've found the right place! From glossy creme finishes to shimmery shades, the new range has something for everyone. 

 Click on the pictures for a closer look at these beauties!
Commando is a deep forest green glossy creme finish with no shimmer.

Haute Couture is a pale sea green creme finish, this shade reminds me of a day spent at the beach!

Haute Denim is the perfect sky blue polish, doesn't have any shimmer.

Haute Green is similar to Neon Elixir, but more wearable. it's a true lime green shade with subtle shimmer. If Neon Elixir is too bright for you then try out Haute Green.

Haute Wheels is a bright tangerine orange shade with no shimmer.

Hot Red is a bright red, more vibrant then Neon Red.Wouldn't this look cute on your toes?!

Red Devil is a hot pink shade , it's a deep pink compared to the bright Neon Devil 

Platnium is a grey shimmery metallic polish. You can go for a sheer layer of polish for a light shimmery look or layer it up for a darker shade.

Steel is a blue tone silver polish that has a metallic finish. 

The new range of Haute Nail Polishes are available at any leading super store for 250Rs. Have you checked them out yet?
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