Melt Proof Your Makeup This Summer

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Summer isn’t the most breezy time to wear makeup, runny eyeliner and lipstick are just a few troubles we tend to go through.  With temperatures rising daily in Pakistan, most of us tend to suffer from oil-prone skin and sweat. It’s always best to stick with the essentials but for certain occasions that calls for a full face makeup look, keeping your makeup fresh and sweat-resistant only requires a few extra steps.  Keep these tips in mind for a melt-proof makeup application.


As much as we love rich black eyeliner, biggest problem we face during the summer heat is our kajal staying in place. Tip: Set your eyeliner with Carbon Black Eye Ink, using a matte eye shadow with an angled eyeliner brush and press the powder on top of your black eyeliner. This mattifies and sets cream eyeliners and liquid liners to prevent any moisture from feathering and bleeding.

Waterproof Liners and Mascara:

You can never go wrong with using waterproof eye makeup. The best mascara to prevent smudging and flaking of your lashes is the 100% Waterproof Mascara. Liquid liners are the best option for a crisp, clean eyeliner during the summer. Opt for waterproof liquid liners such as the Pro Dip and Graphique for long-wearing. 


Tip: Never skip out on wearing Lip Artist Lip Liner for bright lip colors, this will prevent your lipstick from feathering and bleeding.
Tip: Blot excess moisture from your lipstick to prevent it from melting past your lip line. Take a tissue and apply it on top of your lips then use your pressed powder on a puff and press it against the tissue.  This will mattify your lipstick preventing it from bleeding or feathering while also giving you long-wearing lip color.

Face Powder:

The best way for a complete sweat-proof flawless face, never skip on a pressed powder. Pair your foundation with Invincible for a sweat-proof summer. The Invincible Pressed Powder not only minimizes the appearance of pores while also preventing oil build up on your t zone. Tip: Apply your pressed powder by pressing and rolling it on your nose, forehead and chin. 
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