Color Rush Lipsticks- Swatches

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If you love a long-wearing, hydrating and luxurious lip color then the Color Rush Lipstick range is right up your alley. Indulge your lips in a creamy finish lipstick infused with moisture inriched vitamins and minerals for soft and comfortable lip color wear for up to 8 hours. With hydrating ingredients, your lips will look and feel healthier after each use. With a velvety smooth texture, your lip color won’t feather, flake or fade throughout the day. Color Rush lipsticks come is 18 bold and glamorous shades. 

How lip colors work: 

As a rule of thumb, brighter colors will make lips look a lot more fuller where as darker lip colors will make lips look thinner. Choosing the right color depends not only on your skin tone but also on the shape of your lips. 

Matching Lipsticks to your skin tone (Do’s and Don’ts): 

Fair Skin - Pinks, nudes and brighter reds, will help emphasize your porcelain features, darker colors on the other hand are most likely to dull down your skin tone. 

Medium Skin – Medium skin tones especially with brown undertones should rely on pink lip colors where as those with a medium olive complexion may use shades of brown. Those with medium skin tones should avoid using anything too dull or pale. Shades such as rich plums, reds and bright orange are perfect for women with a yellow skin tone. 

Warm Skin – Use a lipstick of a darker shade than your skin; cherry reds, maroons and orange reds.


Danger Lady
Love Dust

In Vouge
Tease Me

Jet Setter
Eternal Love
Knock Out
Bomb Shell
Drop Dead Gorgeous