Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dark Polish Nail Tips

Darker nail colors are easy to rock with a few simple tips and tricks to achieve a flawless manicure. Since deeper hues add a glamorous effect, it’s easy to go from looking classy to messy with vampy shades. From deep dark plums, reds, jewel tone sapphires and bronze, keeping your nails looking tidy can create an effortless look.

Tip #1- Base Coat

Never skip out on using a Base Coat especially with darker nail colors. Since deeper nail polish shades have a higher amount of pigmentation, it can protect the nails while hardening them to prolong your manicure.

Tip#2- Thinner the Better

Always apply your nail polish in thinner coats to create a chip-free manicure. Using thinner coats will allow your nail polish to dry quickly between each coat that will help the polish adhere to your nails. Once you’ve completed your manicure, finish off with a glossy top coat to seal in your polish.

Tip#3- Short and Sweet

Since dark nail polish can be intimidating for some, keeping your manicure short will give your nail polish a demure effect. Trim your nails about 1/4 inch past the finger tip, make sure not to trim too much since you don’t want to go to stubby looking nails. You can choose to round off the edges with a nail file.

Tip#4- Stainfree skin

Since dark polishes are so difficult to remove, leave a tiny gap around the edges of your nail to prevent staining your skin. You can always dip a q-tip into nail polish remover to get rid of any spots around the skin. 

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lipstick Color and Your Personality

If you're trying to figure out someone’s personality, chances are you can read her lips! Your favorite go-to lipstick can say a lot about you and predict your personality characteristics. Lipstick shades which we find ourselves most comfortable with speaks volume. The color that you reach for the most from your lipstick collection can represent your traits and how you feel about yourself.  
Check out shade traits to find out what your go-to lipstick says about your personality!

Classic Reds:
Red lipstick screams confidence, happiness since it’s an exciting and energizing color. The color also symbolizes love. It is a hot and passionate color showing a very energetic and self-assured person.

Deep reds, plums and purples express a confident personality. Women who are comfortable with wearing deep, sultry plums can express an adventurous lifestyle.

Hot Pinks:
Bright lips express a romantic and creative nature. Those who prefer hot pinks love to be carefree and easy-going.

Bright organs express a fun loving nature while the high-energy color can stimulate the mind and mood. The bold and daring shade are for those who aren’t afraid to try something new and exciting.

Nudes and Browns:
You want to blend in and feel comfortable with the environment. Quiet, friendly, and responsible with work and devoted to meeting deadlines. Those who prefer neutral colors reflects trustworthiness.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The New Pure Matt Lipstick Collection

Amp up your beauty routine with a purely pigmented, purely luxury, Pure Matt Lipsticks by Color Studio Professional. The innovative lipstick formulation of high impact color envelops your lips with a matt finish. Create a captivating, bold statement featuring a harmony of feminine and vibrant shades with delicate tones from pastel pink and nude peach to neon red and electric fuchsia.

Color Studio Professional debuts the Pure Matt Moisturizing Lipsticks perfect for the summer, off-the-runway fashion season. The range boosts all the nourishment of a moisturizing lipstick in 28 versatile matt shades, ideal for recreating runway looks both day and night.

The high-performance lipstick formula is fused with a blend of Bamboo Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The unique Shea Butter moisture complex provides a creamy, non-drying, long-lasting color to indulge the lips. The velvety-smooth texture enriched with Bamboo Extract provides an emollient and soothing action to protect and hydrate the lips. Vitamin E eases the application of the lipstick by providing anti-aging and anti radical action for smooth and supple lips.

The expansive palette of hues along with the subtle hint of micro-shimmer, flatter and contour the lips for a vivid pop of color. The Pure Matt Lipstick is easy to apply for comfortable long-wearing fade-proof lips that lasts all day giving you a high-intensity lip color in just a single swipe.

Available in twenty-eight shades for high-impact color infused with a delicate vanilla scent. Go for the perfect statement lip-look with an array of fashion-forward hues. 

Launching across leading stores nationwide.  
101 Predator- Medium Cool Tone Red
102 Persian Red- Deepened Red
103 Monsoon- Vibrant Coral-Red
104 La Rouge- Bright Fuchsia Pink
105 Venom- Intense Cool Tone Purple 

106 Lust- Medium Warm Tone Rose
107 Paradise- Light Cool Tone Pinky Plum
108 Missionary- Muted Peach  
109 Asia- Pink Tone Brown
110 Golden Brown- Deep Cool Tone Brown 

111 Brick- Deep Red Tone Brown

112 Coco Rouge- Deepened Berry Red
113 Backstage- Warm Medium Tone Coral
114 Show Stopper- Warm Medium Red Tone Pink
115 Fairytale- Light Cotton Candy Pink

116 Desert Rose- Warm Tone Pink
117 Wicked- Deep Red with a Hint of Brown
118 Crush- Light Pink with a hint of Peach
119 Romance- Bright Orange Tone Red
120 Gossip- Warm Dusty Rose

121 Mythic- Pale Beige
122 Pink Nova- Cool Tone Pink with a Hint of Purple
123 Ravishing- Light Coral
124 Allure- Pale Nude Peach
125 So Sexy- Warm Nude with a Hint of Pink

126 Atomic- Medium Fuchsia Tone Pink
127 Striptease- Cool Tone Bright Orange
128 Red Velvet- Deep Burgundy Red

Monday, 3 June 2013

Invincible Compact Powder Swatches and Application Guide

The Invincible All-Day Waterproof and Heat-Proof Powder Compact provides all day matte coverage even through excessive oil and shine. The humidity and heat resistant powder repels against water and sweat, the leading causes of foundation transfers and fading. The velvety smooth texture applies flawlessly on the skin for a matt finish complexion. The soft, light-weight powder is finely milted for a complete medium to full coverage, packaged with a specially designed puff for maximum powder application to reduce shine and oil without giving you a cakey effect.

The Invincible Compact is versatile and can be used as a setting powder for a complete coverage or as a light-weight powder foundation. For oil prone skin, having a complete water resistant powder will effectively leave you with a long-wearing shine-free face without feeling uncomfortable or cakey. If you prefer to skip out on using heavy foundations throughout the day, using the Invincible will leave you with a matte and oil free complexion
Description:  An infallible waterproof powder with the plus of being water - repellent, humidity resistant, perfect under the sun and during physical activity. The delicate and velvety formulation takes care of the skin guaranteeing an exceptional anti - aging and anti - oxidant action.


The Invincible Compact comes in a slim travel-friendly packaging. The compact includes a powder puff for on-the-go application. 
Color Studio Professional Invincible- Silk Beige
Color Studio Professional Invincible- Indian Pink
Color Studio Professional Invincible- Transparent
Color Studio Professional Invincible- Beige

Application Guide-

The Invincible is a versatile pressed powder that can be used on all skin types as a setting powder over cream foundations or as a medium coverage powder foundation. The finely-milt powder can be built up to a full coverage depending on how you apply it, using a powder puff supplied with the compact-press the powder into the skin in a rolling motion. This will allow the maximum coverage of powder to be applied onto the skin. The powder blends into the skin easily without giving you a white powdery cast on your skin. It balances with your natural skin tone while keeping shine and oil at bay.

For a light and natural finish coverage, apply the powder by dabbing it onto any imperfections such as dark spots and discoloration then buff and blend the powder out all over your face. The powder adjusts with your natural skin tone.

As a setting powder, apply the powder on top of any cream or liquid foundation to keep your foundation from fading or building up oil throughout the day. The Invincible is perfect lasts all day against humidity or shine.


Indian Pink is a light shade with a pink undertone perfect for pale skin types
Beige is a medium shade with a soft yellow undertone.
Silk Beige is a light-medium shade with a soft yellow undertone.
Transparent is a light translucent powder with a yellow undertone.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Lip Slips to Avoid

From deep plum vampy lips to a classic red lip, pigmented lipsticks all have one slight disadvantage… feathering and smudging. With the humid weather in Pakistan taking a toll on our makeup routine, don’t fret to wear a bold lip! Oil-prone skin and hot weather conditions are the main reasons for lipstick feathering.

Contemporary dark hues come in velvety matte formulas to high-shine glossy textures, while any complexion can rock a bold lip it’s extremely necessary to avoid your lipstick from bleeding past your lip line. Feathering occurs when a lipstick settles into fine lines on the lips or doesn’t stay within your natural lip line.

Here are some techniques to help your lipstick stay in place.

  • Blot Blot & Blot Some More
Extra product on your lips will allow more color to feather past your lip line. Blotting your lipstick will allow the lip color to adhere on the lips and prevent it from bleeding past your lip line. Simply take a clean tissue and place it on your lips then gently press to absorb any excess moisture from your lips. Avoid blotting too forcefully since you don’t want to wear off your lipstick.

  • Lining your Lips
Create a barrier between your natural lip line from your skin, using the Lip Artist Lip Liner will help your lipstick stay in place even though the heat.
Use a lip pencil that matches the natural color of the lips to line and completely fill in the lips. This base helps hold lip color in place. Layer lipstick on top.

  • Powder Up
Dust your lips with a translucent powder to set your lipstick, then re-apply a second layer of lipstick. Using a bit of powder or blush patted on top of lipstick will keep it on longer by reducing excess moisture from feathering past your lip line. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Melt Proof Your Makeup This Summer

Summer isn’t the most breezy time to wear makeup, runny eyeliner and lipstick are just a few troubles we tend to go through.  With temperatures rising daily in Pakistan, most of us tend to suffer from oil-prone skin and sweat. It’s always best to stick with the essentials but for certain occasions that calls for a full face makeup look, keeping your makeup fresh and sweat-resistant only requires a few extra steps.  Keep these tips in mind for a melt-proof makeup application.


As much as we love rich black eyeliner, biggest problem we face during the summer heat is our kajal staying in place. Tip: Set your eyeliner with Carbon Black Eye Ink, using a matte eye shadow with an angled eyeliner brush and press the powder on top of your black eyeliner. This mattifies and sets cream eyeliners and liquid liners to prevent any moisture from feathering and bleeding.

Waterproof Liners and Mascara:

You can never go wrong with using waterproof eye makeup. The best mascara to prevent smudging and flaking of your lashes is the 100% Waterproof Mascara. Liquid liners are the best option for a crisp, clean eyeliner during the summer. Opt for waterproof liquid liners such as the Pro Dip and Graphique for long-wearing. 


Tip: Never skip out on wearing Lip Artist Lip Liner for bright lip colors, this will prevent your lipstick from feathering and bleeding.
Tip: Blot excess moisture from your lipstick to prevent it from melting past your lip line. Take a tissue and apply it on top of your lips then use your pressed powder on a puff and press it against the tissue.  This will mattify your lipstick preventing it from bleeding or feathering while also giving you long-wearing lip color.

Face Powder:

The best way for a complete sweat-proof flawless face, never skip on a pressed powder. Pair your foundation with Invincible for a sweat-proof summer. The Invincible Pressed Powder not only minimizes the appearance of pores while also preventing oil build up on your t zone. Tip: Apply your pressed powder by pressing and rolling it on your nose, forehead and chin. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pro Blush Swatches + Tips

The Color Studio Professional Pro Blush range consists of 5 shimmer and matte shades perfect for adding a soft flush of color to the cheeks. Each shade offers a warm undertone perfect for Asian complexions. These easy to blend soft silky blushes apply smoothly and effortlessly over foundation, giving you a natural warmth of color. Each blush is highly pigmented to suit all skin types whether you're tan or pale. With 13 grams worth of product, these blushes will last you a lifetime. 

101 Audacious Orange is a bright apricot orange with finely milted shimmer giving you a highlighted cheekbone look. The blush can be applied with a light hand for a light application. 

102 Natural Glow is a soft nude peach with subtle shimmer. This shade is ideal for teenagers and those looking for a natural everyday blush for a warming luminescent look.   Paired with 104 Havana will give you a contoured cheek. 

103 Pixie Pink is a matte light pink shade. This soft tone pink is ideal for a soft wash of color to the cheeks giving you a brighter complexion.

104 Havana is a warm pink tone brown with shimmer. The deep tone blush is suitable as a contour shade for all skin tones.

105 Pinkify is a bright matte pink with a hint of red to liven up the dullest skin-tone. The bright shade will complement even the darkest skin tones. 


Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Swatch
Color Studio's Top Tips for Blush Application:
  • Always blend out blush by sweeping your brush in a backward motion towards the hairline.
  • Tap away any excess powder from the brush for a soft wash of color to the cheeks. 
  • Use an angled blush brush for a flawless contour application. 
  • Always apply blush directly on your cheekbone.
  • Those with accentuated facial features such as a sharp jawline should apply blush directly on the cheekbone blending it into the skin. 
  • For a natural flush of color, apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend it out to the hairline. 
  • Blush should be applied an inch or 2 away from the nose for a youthful look.